Bad Breath

Mauvaise haleine

Bad breath (halitosis) can be inconvenient and embarrassing. Several factors cause bad breath: gum disease, food, tobacco, certain medical conditions, etc. For healthy people, the main reason for bad breath is the accumulation of microbacteria on the tongue. Studies show that it is possible to reduce halitosis of about 70% is you brush the back of your tongue. However, it is important to speak to your dentist if you have persisting bad breath because many factors can cause it and it is important to have the right diagnosis.

Are Dental x Rays Safe?

Radiographies dentaires

Every day, we are exposed to small quantity of x rays. Dental x rays are safe and are only done if necessary. X ray devices are only aimed at the part to examine and the equipment used is highly sensitive in order to reduce exposure. For increased protection, we always use lead aprons in conjunction.


Conseils d?hygiènes buccodentaires

Les recommandations de base autant pour un adulte qu'un enfant est de brosser au minimum 2 fois par jour avec un dentifrice reconnu par l'association dentaire canadienne. Dès l'apparition de la première dent de lait de l'enfant jusqu'à 3 ans, la quantité de dentifrice recommandé est de la grosseur d'un grain de riz.. À partir de 3 ans, mettre la grosseur d'un petit pois et cela suffira amplement.

Pour ce qui est de la soie dentaire, le minimum est de 1 fois par jour idéalement le soir avant le coucher. Il est de même pour les enfants.

Ne jamais laisser un bambin dormir avec un biberon de lait ou de jus!

Teeth Grinding

Grince des dents

Bruxism is a frequent condition in the population, and it should be considered serious. It is mainly observed at night. Bruxism can cause dramatic wearing down of the teeth, chips, cracks, and sensitivity. Your capacity to masticate can deteriorate and you can develop serious temporomandibular articulation problems followed by potent headaches. If you don't treat it, bruxism can even force you to have root canals, crowns or lead to tooth loss. It is possible to control bruxism if you balance your teeth or protect them with an occlusal plate. It is important to tell your dentist if you think you grind your teeth!