Invisalign: An invisible solution


Invisalign is a modern approach to straighten your teeth. Consisting of invisible splints that are replaced every two weeks until desired results are achieved, Invisalign is designed to be wireless and removable, meaning they come with no eating restrictions. Invisalign is a smart solution to straighten your teeth the way you always wanted to. This device is comfortable and easy to use. Simply wear it all the time and remove it when you eat, brush your teeth or floss. Regular visits to the dentist will be necessary to note the progression of your teeth and provide you with a new splint every two weeks. Get in touch with Brighten Your Smile dental clinic to find out more about this treatment.

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Orthodontic services in Dollard-des-Ormeaux


When are orthodontic treatments necessary? Orthodontics are recommended when teeth are unaligned or crossed-over. Not only do these problems affect your health, they also affect your smile.

An untreated mouth is also more at risk of developing periodontal diseases, cavities, and jaw movement problems. The treatment is used to straighten teeth, but also to improve their functioning and appearance.


Appareil fixe orthodontie

Braces are made of brackets that are glued to each tooth and then wired together. Rubber bands may be necessary during the treatment, though they can be removed for eating.

Once braces have been installed, they can be uncomfortable for your lips and cheeks. Waxing your braces regularly will help. The orthodontist will be able to give you specific instructions.

Daily brushing and flossing will be even more important, as teeth are more prone to develop tartar when they are laced with braces.

Avoid biting into hard of sticky food, as doing so can damage the brackets. Should a bracket fall off, call your orthodontist immediately and get it repaired.



Unaligned teeth create what dentists refer to as a malocclusion. If untreated, this condition can cause periodontal diseases, stress on the jaw, and premature teeth wearing.

A treatment for everyone

Traitement d'orthodontie

Orthodontic treatments are not only for teenagers, as teeth can be straightened at any age. In fact, the number of adults resorting to orthodontics is on the rise.

Braces are usually worn for two years, though length of treatments varies with age and the severeness of the issue. The treatment will require frequent visit to the orthodontist, and instructions given will have to be followed carefully.