posted on 05 February 2015

Dental Technology: Intraoral Camera

Technology is constantly evolving in every field, and every day it's becoming a more important part in our lives. Because Brighten Your Smile dental clinic always wants to offer their patients the best treatments in the most comfortable way possible, they are always on top of dental technology. Today's post is about the intraoral camera, a very useful tool. Be sure to call up Brighten Your Smile if you need dental treatments in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

The intraoral camera is a high definition filming device that is placed at the end of a plastic rod, allowing the dentist to examine the mouth of patients. A thin, sterile plastic layer is placed on it and changed after each treatment. The camera is linked to a television somewhere in the room, and not only does it the patient to clearly see what his teeth look like, but it helps the medical team being more precise. Moreover, a patient is more inclined to follow the advice provided by his dentist or to accept a treatment if he sees the problem for himself. The intraoral camera can also be used to show the patient the effect of a dental cleaning.

Additionally, the intraoral camera can take pictures that are labelled with the correct teeth numbers, and since pictures can be taken during every checkup, anyone can see the evolution of their teeth.

Because the intraoral camera has a lot of benefits, more and more people dentists use it. The intraoral technology greatly helps in diagnosing health issues with more precision. This is why Brighten Your Smile has been using it for a while. If you happen to need a dental cleaning in DDO, do not hesitate to come by our modern dental clinic in the West Island. Your teeth will be taken care of by highly-qualified and kind staff.